Sour Mash are a hard rocking 4 piece from the home town of Heavy Metal

"It's a loud, heavy and atmospheric noise – the sort you can't help but get swept along by – and within which they have written some suitably grand and exciting material. Live they're great, they are tight but never seem overly clinical delivering their set with confidence and charisma"

“Sour Mash serve up a healthy dose of old school-classic rock/metal sounds. In a laid-back manner, they manage to slap you in the face with charm and confidence, with an assertive, melodic rock sound that makes me want to raise my Jack Daniels and coke to them. This is a band that does not need to leap manically around the stage in order to grab your attention, their musicianship speaks - no, shouts loudly - for itself.” 

Keely Anne Hill for

"...they are undoubtedly very good at what they do. It’s a grand, in-your-face noise with driving riffs and winding solos, all brought together perfectly by Adam’s powerful rock-roar for a tight, engaging performance." 


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