Sour Mash are:

Adam Newbery - vocals/guitar 
Ben Newbery - vocals/bass 
Daniel Newbery - drums
Steve Hodgetts - guitar 

Sour Mash formed in late 2005 by founding members Adam Newbery and Dave Payne. The intention, to play music by the bands that they loved such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Motorhead to name just a few. Sour Mash have played at many venue across the country over the years and have traveled as far as Edinburgh and Gloucester. They performed on the Icon Stage at Glastonbudget 2013In July 2011 Adam, Ben and Daniel went into Hellfire studios in Birmingham to record the band's first official E.P. Recordings of Open Range, The Last Stand and Hunted were completed in just 8 hours and the results were extremely satisfying. The E.P is a fresh take on the old school Heavy Metal genre with tight riff led grooves, aggressive but melodic vocal melodies and meaningful, heart felt lyrics. It is available to purchase on CD and online at iTunes and Amazon. 

The band are planning on returning to the studio in the near future and will be trying out some new venues. The aim is still as it always has been, to play good honest heavy music and have a good time whilst doing it. 

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